Recovery from Trauma

Trauma Recovery

Trauma is often defined as an overwhelming experience for the mind and body that is perceived to threaten a person’s survival or well-being. It usually evokes intense fear, helplessness or horror and a range of symptoms and ways of relating to others.


Our work together is to create safety and steadiness inside, gently get to know the ways trauma affects your life, and eventually, develop a more peaceful experience of living. 

Trauma Takes Many Forms

It can include witnessing or experiencing an act of violence, an accident, a natural disaster, a life-threatening medical illness, or the death of a loved one; or living with multiple, prolonged, or chronic events, such as childhood abuse, traumatic early caregiving failures or neglect, military combat, or captivity.

You may have experienced subtle or overt trauma if you navigated a complicated early home life with caregivers with alcohol or substance use or mental health issues, experienced a persistent feeling that you did not belong, feeling "other" needed to hide, or that you were bullied at home, at work, at school, or in your community.

Telling The Story Without Words

If trauma has been recurrent or we are young and vulnerable or have inadequate support, we can be left with intense emotional and physical responses that “tell our story” without words and (sometimes) without the knowledge that we are re-experiencing events and feelings from long ago.

Some of these experiences may include: difficulty sleeping or concentrating; physical pain or muscle tension; sudden or intense irritability, anger, or edginess; a sense of dread or sudden bouts of panic; avoidance of certain people, places, and things that remind you of past bad experiences; numb or detached some or much of the time; recurrent dreams or disturbing and intrusive images, thoughts or flashbacks; or feeling “shattered” or broken inside.

If you or someone you care for experiences any of these symptoms, it may be beneficial to seek help, even if it does not feel like a solution is possible.