My approach is to help you create new experiences in the present that are helpful, healing and encourage lasting, meaningful change that feels right for you. 


I believe – and research supports – that deeply-felt emotional experiences have the inherent capacity to transform us when experienced and learned from within a relationship with an actively engaged, emotionally-attuned, consistent, and affirming therapist. Emotions once deemed impossible to face alone can be gently, “experientially” processed, learned from, and used to help us heal and grow. I aim to create a safe and confidential space where this process can unfold.

We will collaborate on your therapy experience together. You set the agenda  – you decide what you want to work on and what you want to talk about. I will help you connect in the moment, to the wisdom your emotions inherently offer so you can move forward in life feeling more vital, unencumbered and in touch with what feels most important to you. I carefully listen, authentically respond and help you notice and break free from cycles of hidden, buried emotions, beliefs, and stories that are impacting your experience of life. Even the most challenging emotions have the power to inform and transform our lives.

My therapy style combines experiential, emotion-focused and relational-dynamic therapies. I work "experientially" because connecting with a felt-sense of your authentic feelings, in the moment, is often a more direct route to fostering deep insight, emotional wellbeing and change. Our past is intimately intertwined with our present experience of ourselves, our relationships, our work and careers, and our view of the world. By tuning in to your emotions in the present, we have an opportunity to process and learn from the past without simply reliving old wounds. I hope to help you create new experiences both in therapy and in life that are inherently healing and feel good to you. 

I am "emotion focused" because as a therapist I have learned that emotions are powerful sources of meaning, wisdom, direction, and strength. They are the heart of our resiliency, our assertiveness, our self-protection, our vitality and our joy. I have witnessed, professionally and personally, that lasting, meaningful change and calm steadiness develops by mindfully deepening our connection to our most resilient, effective selves.  With this connection in place, we can truly appreciate who we are, acknowledge our needs and wishes and act in the face of life's challenges.

I work “relationally” because effective therapy is about a real, connected relationship with a caring, professional other. It is my role to be with you each step of the way, listening closely, sharing authentic observations and responses while providing experienced guidance, care and acceptance as you move through the process. 

A Fear of Sorts: Our emotions (and our responses to them) shape us. They enliven us, supplying the resources to live our lives to the fullest. They energize us to meet and cope with life’s challenges, and point us in the best direction in our relationships, our work, and our lives. Emotions bring us closer to the truth inside – and to ourselves and to others. But it is common to be unknowingly afraid of feeling the full extent of our emotions (even joy or love), especially if we have suffered more than we can shoulder.  So, in an effort to protect ourselves, we bury our feelings and this 1) keeps us detached from the wisdom and power inside us; 2) stifles our ability to authentically share ourselves with others; 3) and distances us from knowing ourselves and what we value.  When we suppress our past and our real feelings, they go underground, drain us of vitality, and  a “social” or “looking good” version of ourselves takes shape. For some, this strategy works for a while, but eventually our feelings resurface as:

  • fear, anxiety, worry, restlessness, hyperactivity, insomnia      

  • depression, poor self-image, self-doubt, lack of motivation,

  • emptiness, relationships problems, irritability, angry outbursts, edginess

  • stomach problems, teeth grinding, chronic fatigue

  • sexual difficulties, procrastination

  • hypertension, headache, and more

Through psychotherapy, these painful, private experiences soften or completely resolve. 

I encourage you contact me at 917.830.4150 or for more information or to schedule to meet in-person at my office in upper Chelsea.