No matter whom you love, what you believe, or how difficult things have become, welcome. 

Freedom from feeling stuck or suffering is absolutely possible. Our work together is to help you breathe easier, know yourself well, have more satisfying relationships and move forward feeling calmer, clearer, confident, and unencumbered.  I offer an accepting, interactive and focused space to face obstacles to relief and create a wealth of lasting, meaningful change. 

Michael J. Mondoro, LCSW

Therapy is an act of self-investment and compassion: when we deepen and clarify our connection to the core of who we are, we can see ourselves and our lives clearly and act to create a more fulfilling life. Even the most painful experiences have the power to inform, inspire, and transform us. 

My role is to guide and stand with you and create a safe, consistent space so this unique process can unfold over time. And it is an absolute privilege and joy to support you through the journey. Beginning therapy can be both exciting and a bit confusing. Contact me at mmondorolcsw@gmail.com or (917) 830-4150 to learn more or set up a consultation together.